JAVAD Justin

Λογισμικό επίλυσης δεδομένων GNSS


To Justin είναι το νέο software της Javad για επεξεργασία στοιχείων από GNSS μονής ή διπλής συχνότητας στο γραφείο. Το Justin βγαίνει σε δύο εκδόσεις: Justin Lite και Justin.

Module Justin
Justin Comments
Importing raw data JUSTIN-authorized *.jps
Import GNSS data all *.jps, RINEX, sp3, DTM, snap-, o-files
Scenario Project manager: automatic data processing from import, snapping data to points, baseline calculation, adjustment to report
Baseline, trajectory processing Static, kinematic, stop&go GPS&GLONASS data
Adjustment Geodetic networks adjustment. Processing very large-scale networks of up to 3000 stations
Trajectory adjustment Adjusting kinematic data with multiple bases
Virtual Station High (up to 100Hz) rover and low base rate (CORS) vector processing
Observation manager Merging, splitting, picking, interpolation data
Coordinates calculator Cartographic projections, ellipsoids, datum
Datum calculator Local datum calculation
Event Editor Event positioning
Global Geoid EGM96
Enhanced Geoid Model Export/Import Geoid and Height Calculator
Mission Planning Almanac data viewer
Export to RINEX RINEX 2.11
Points manager Export/Import reference point coordinates
Vertical profile Manage data using vertical profile
Cartographic window Zooming, Panning, Ruler, Layers, Labeling
Vector maps Open ESRI shape and MapInfo tab
Data Visualization Orbits, SV common view, standard data combinations, GDOP
Raster manager Raster transformation and georeferencing
Map printing Printing map in different scales
Export map Export to dxf, tab formats
Data Analyser Scientific application ( GNSS data analysis charts)
Antennas NGS Antennas Data Base
Report Navigation, processed, adjusted data, events
Google visualization View project network in Google Earth
Multilingual support English, Russian, Turkish